Class levels

Planet Kids at Wellington is equipped and prepared to start your child’s education at a variety of age groups. We strive to provide the integral socialization that growing minds need through exposure to their peers at similar levels of development. Such peer groups include:

Infant Program

Our infant program is for children between 6 weeks old and 24 months old. We have several different classes based on the age range of the students. Overall, this program focuses on warmth and nurturing. Parents are asked to provide their ideal sleep, eating and play schedule for the youngest infants (between 6 weeks and 12 months old), so that we can provide customized daily care. Our teachers and caregivers have significant experience with children in this age range.

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2 and 3 year olds

Students in the 2 and 3 year old program begin to experience a more developed curriculum, experiencing the fun of learning. Far from sitting at a desk, students are taught through play.

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4 Year Old Program

(students who turn 4 after September 1st)

Students who turn four after September 1, are not eligible for the state’s VPK program. Therefore these children enter our 4 year old preschool classes. Our teachers offer a very robust curriculum, focusing on all of the skills necessary to further your child’s academic career, while keeping everything fun. Students learn to work with shapes, colors, letters and all kinds of other material. Coursework also includes phonics and math as students develop throughout the year.

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Voluntary Pre-K

(Students who turn 4 before September 1st)

Students who turn 4 before September 1st qualify for Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program. Please click here for detailed information about the various options.

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Elementary school

Students entering elementary school are transitioned into The Wellington Preparatory School’s private elementary. Wellington Prep educates students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Please click here to be taken to the Wellington Prep

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