Academic Excellence

Curriculum and Programs

Though our curriculum is designed to be age specific and appropriate, all programs at Planet Kids maintain the highest standards of academic enrichment and quality. The core elements of our curriculum provide the critical foundations in Math, Literature, Poetry, Phonics, Science, Writing, and Art that your child will carry with them into their academic future.

Our curriculum starts with Beyond Centers and Circles. This interactive curriculum enhances the learning experience for our youngest children. As students enter three and four year old classes, they begin working with a phonics based curriculum. In VPK classes, the curriculum expands further. We offer a program that uses the Columbia University Reading and Writing Program and the University of Chicago Everyday Math Program. For more information, please click either program to see the university website. We also offer a dual language Spanish/English VPK program, which curriculum delivered in both languages. For additional information on our VPK programs, please click here. 

In a world where technology plays an ever-expanding role it is critical to promote exposure to and comfort navigating computers and tablets at an early age. At Planet Kids we believe it is never too early for a child to begin viewing a computer as a fun, interactive learning tool. This begins in our iPad Lab! Our computer tablet program is designed to help young minds develop problem solving skills and grasp graphic relationships. This program offers exciting graphics, sound effects, and progressive app exposure. It enhances our curriculum by providing apps that teach letters, sounds, numbers, mathematics and reading. Each child can work with an iPad on a one-to-one basis. The iPad is theirs for operating and experimenting once introductory sessions have been completed.

Finally, no curriculum at Planet Kids would be complete without specialty programs designed to enhance a child’s learning experience beyond the core competencies. Our students rotate daily through specialty rooms focused on dance, theater, music, artistic creation and library immersion. Our specialty offerings extend beyond normal school hours for children with specific interests in ballet, karate, and even swimming lessons.

Students graduating from our program achieve some of the highest results in the state of Florida. Please review the graph below which shows our VPK Readiness results.

2012-2013 graph

Now Enrolling School is in session.